Greater Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church

Our Ministries

This is where you’ll find information about all the awesome ministries available at Greater Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church. If you see this page and it hasn’t been updated, a gentle reminder to the church staff at Greater Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church is in order. Let them know you want to learn more about what is happening at Greater Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church and how you can get involved.


 Man of Valor

The purpose of the Men of Valor ministry is to equip men to be servant-leaders in their families, church and the world by helping to create an environment where vital relationships with God and man can be nurtured. We do this by providing opportunities geared toward developing the spiritual growth of the men in our church and community. We seek to enhance this commitment by answering God’s call to serve, promote brotherly love and to assist in the mission of the church toward creating strong spiritual family environments.

Meeting Time: TBD

Ministry Leaders:

Helena Campus:
Brother Morris McMillian

Brother Rodeny West
Dublin Campus:


 Women of Excellence

The purpose of the Women of Excellence (WOE) is to promote spiritual growth, fellowship and unity among the women of our Church. We do this through ministries and activities that foster spiritual growth and provide an opportunity for discipleship and services. Opportunities are available through Women’s Study Groups, Women’s Workshops and Retreats. WOE is a monthly class led by Lady Dixon to minister practical and biblically based lessons to women.

Meeting Time: Every 3rd Saturday – 10:00am
Lady Dr. Terri Dixon
Ministry Leader:


 Children & Youth Ministry

The goal of the Children and Youth Ministry is to teach and reveal the Word of God to the young people of our Church. We do this by providing an atmosphere for their faith to be nurtured, creating opportunities for Christian fellowship with other believers, helping to build moral and ethical character, instilling Christian values, and helping them to develop academically, emotionally, and spiritually. Opportunities are available through appropriate Sunday School and Bible Classes, Youth Choirs, Praise and Dance Ministry, Summer Youth Activities and Trips, Vacation Bible School.

Ministry Leaders:

Helena Campus:
Sister Brenda Wesley
Sister Tasha Hall

Sister Tabitha West
Sister Daphne Howard
Dublin Campus:


Music Ministry



Christian Education



Married Couples' Ministry



Singles' Ministry